Our Story

How did we get started?

How Did we get started?  It was an ordinary day in 2014, rapidly approaching archery season in Missouri.  Tuning, and making last minute tweaks to My bow and building the perfect arrows for what was gearing up to a Great opening day, and Bow season.  
Sitting day after day in the Stand one has Plenty of time to think sometimes on all day sits the mind can wonder.  It was December and I was still after a good buck,  Mid afternoon I caught my self day dreaming....such a wild dream
And That is how we started based of a wild day dream in the stand.  A little less than a few weeks later I had applied for Sling'n Stitches Outdoors LLC. I had no idea what would come of a wild tree stand dream.  I was  nothing more than a 9-5er  that got a wild hair and decided to act on it!  Shortly After I decided to bring on some good friends to help spread the word still not 100% clear where we were headed.  
I have built my brand around one basic foundation, Hunt Hard, Hunt Proud.  That's what we are all about that is what we support.  
We represent every hunter from the Hardworking weekend warier, to the everyday Live and Breath hunting type.  

Where are we now?

I the owner of Sling'n Stitches print every shirt that you purchase, I package and ship your orders, I respond to your Emails, and social media requests.  I take pride in our Quality control, I stand behind every product i ship out.  I have worked hard every day since that day when  made the decision to chase after my dream.  We may come off as a larger company as we are because of our quality and type of product.  You will always find that was go above and beyond printing our own neck labels, printing sleeves.  
We have grown greatly over the past several years, and i am very grateful to everyone's continuous support.   We have grown to a field staff of over 20 members. W have a Phenomenal Field staff /promotions manager in Tony Forster who has helped tremendously and is a right hand man to everything we do.  We have participated in several trade shows, and we are continuously creating new products!
We Will continue to work hard to create products that we are proud of and our customers love.  W ask for your support, and we say thank you in advanced to your Business.